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BFA—Art Institute of Chicago
MA & MFA—Northern Illinois University

Justine Mantor's art works reflect the vistas of the McDowell and Superstition Mountains she views from her Fountain Hills home. Her images focus on the shape-patterns seen across the land as she depicts the shifting abstractions of light and shadow as it is altered by the desert seasons, the time of day, or the weather patterns as they affect the clouds billowing across the sky.
Justine's personal conviction is that art images can contain healing and transformative possibilities. She has undertaken extensive historical and archaeological research studies and many excursions to Egypt and Mexico. Profoundly influenced by the ancient images, she has created art works emphasizing a cross-cultural fertilization between the land and an internalized dialogue with the landscape of her life.

Justine's journey began as a spiritual commitment to the Arizona landscape, which prompted a move from Chicago and the conclusion of her 22-year Associate Professorship at Loyola University of Chicago in order to allow Mantor to pursue her passion—the desert.  
Mantor's career in Arizona includes…

• Three years as Artist in residence—City of Phoenix

• Four years as President of the Arizona Women's Caucus for Art undertaking numerous Caucus exhibits at sites including Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University, the Kerr Cultural Center, and the Museum at the University of Arizona at Tucson

• Service on the National Board of Women's Caucus for Art based in New York

• Adjunct Professor at Mesa Community College 1999-2012.