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ENJOY a special two-day class painting with Justine in beautiful Sedona Arizona…

Create stunning atmospheric persepective by applying watercolor wet on wet techniques using the unique properties of ink. Capture foreground details with etching and pointillist textures to achieve multiple, layered paintings. Justine will demonstrate color mixing for transparent and opaque colors, etching techniques, and compositional considerations for these exciting paintings.

Join instructor Justine Mantor-Waldie in an extraordinary art experience for this Sedona Arts Center spring painting class.

"Inks & Etching on Scratchboard"
Transforming light and movement in the landscape with pearlescent inks & etching on black scratch board

Location: North Studio — Sedona Arts Center
Dates: Saturday & Sunday May 11 & 12, 2019
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Details: Read all the details here

justine painting

• Summer Adventures Newsletter

Justine's newest painting "Monument Valley Mittens" was inspired by the tremendous energy of the storms she experienced while traveling back to Arizona from Michgan this summer.

READ all about the adventurous drive and her trip to Alaska in the Autumn 2018 Newsletter.

monument valley mittens
Monument Valley Mittens

June brought Justine fulfilling a life-long ambition to visit her friend Patty in Fairbanks, Alaska. They visited Fairbanks’ local park during the Memorial Day celebration and Justine stood under the moose horns park entrance. Nature and critters were everywhere with even a moose grazing near downtown Fairbanks

justine and moose antlers
Downtown Fairbanks Alaska, Memorial Day 2018

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Want to know more about Justine's art background and see examples of her art?

•••»Click here to read her interview with online magazine Voyage Phoenix!

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book - sunsets

Sunsets Edition II
Now available in Hard Cover & Soft Cover

book chronicling her early career and the special connection she has to sunsets has been updated with more sunset paintings and details about her work.

Preview and purchase your copy of this beautiful art book at these links: Hard Cover & Soft Cover

desert backyard



Justine's watercolor Desert Backyard is now part of the permanent collection of the City of Fountain Hills and is on view at the City Hall Building.

Mantor is a nationally recognized artist with works in Illinois State Museum, the Kemper Collection and National Museum of Women in the Arts. Her art is represented in Arizona by the Sedona Arts Center and the Annual Hidden in the Hills Artists Tour. See her work at these galleries and shows.




Current Events.....

• Inks & Etching on Scratchboard
Paint with Justine in beautiful Sedona at the Sedona Arts Center…
• North Studio
• Saturday & Sunday
• May 11 & 12, 2019
• 10 am to 5 pm
»Click for details
Looking forward to painting with you!!

• Sedona Arts Center
15 Art Barn Road
Sedona AZ
928.282.3809 or 1.888.954.4442

»See Justine's paintings on her professional gallery wall

She was particularly inspired during trips to Mexico where she discovered the tiny, silver Milagro medals pinned to images…

Read about Justine's inspirational artist's journey. Click on arrows to turn pages.


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